Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fall down stumble

I started today with a 'THUD'. But things got better. Then worse. Then better. A lot better, actually...
First, the 'THUD'. I was skating this morning and hit a dewey wet patch on the trail that had not evaporated yet (thanks to the morning's intense humidity). My skate went in one direction, my body went in the other... and I ended up skidding about ten feet down the paved bike path. Luckily, no brain dmage. My elbow was the only major casualty... and even it only got a little bit road rashed. I brushed myself off, skated three miles home and left a delightful trail of blood in my wake.
Better: Got home and buckled down begind the ol' writing desk. That went surprisingly well. I got about 9 pages done during the workday, which was more than I expected. Cooked dinner (mmm, tacos...) and hung out with my folks for a bit. Nothing to complain about there.
Worse: My editors broke my good vibe by letting me know that my next script is due before Wednesday. So now I've got the script I'm currently working on, followed immediately by another one... both of which are due in a 5 day span! Yikes!
Better: I finished that first script. I only had four more pages left to go after today's tremendous output, so I decided to hammer those last few pages out tonight. That way I can start the next script first thing tomorrow morning. Hopefully, that means I'll only have to work half-days this weekend...
Even better: I talked to a really cool girl tonight. No more details necessary, really. It was just nice to connect with someone again.
So yeah. That was my day, rollercoaster that it was. But luckily, I'm ending it on a good note... so I guess it's one for the 'win' column.
We'll see if we can say the same for tomorrow when we get there...


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