Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More promising...

Today is definitely better that yesterday. What a relief!
I started out the day with a healthy breakfast, an 11 mile skate and a long shower.
After a fairly tasty lunch, I wrapped up an outline for an upcoming script and sent it in to my editors for approval. That's one more thing to cross off the list!
I have to jump onto another project this afternoon, but first I'm going to take a short break and run to Best Buy to pick up some new music. Yay.
On another note, I heard from a friend last night that I haven't seen all summer. It was just a brief message, but it was really nice to hear from her... and I really hope to hang out with her sometime very soon. (She's pretty darn cool!)
Anyway, that's it for now. Off to buy CDs!
More later...


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