Monday, August 20, 2007

Finish line...?

I'm at the finish line...
Not only did I wrap up this weekend's rush script (before the deadline), but today is officially the last day of my diet (well, actually tomorrow is the last day, but I'm going to be at Cedar Point, so I'm giving myself a free pass)!
So tomorrow, I can finally take a nap, ride a roller coaster, eat some french fries and drink some whiskey. Prefereably not all at the same time. That might get ugly...
But as one set of trials ends, many more are sure to begin.
As of Wednesday, I'll be back in this crazy game called life, ready to face whatever new challenges are coming down the road. And I must say, some of the things ahead of me look like they could potentially be very bright...
A few years ago, no one would've ever expected me to say this... but change is good.
I kinda like new beginnings...
Who'da thunk?

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