Friday, August 17, 2007

Money for nothing...

I love royalty checks. They're like Christmas in my mailbox.
The idea is simple. I write some books and get paid for my work. Then, when those issues are reprinted in a collected edition (i.e. a trade paperback or a digest), I get another payment for the reprint (if enough copies were ordered). So it's like getting a special little bonus for my work months and months later!
Sure, it takes a long time to process royalties (I got a check today for a digest printed last November). And the amount of money isn't huge (especially for the books I write). But I never really depend on them or work them into my budget, so it's always a pleasant surprise to have some extra cash show up unexpectedly!
And getting paid twice for doing the work once? I'll take it!
Okay. Happy time over... Back to the script of the week.



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