Friday, August 24, 2007


You could tell from the kiss
Something just wasn't right.
A slight reservation
That leaned towards "polite".

Perhaps just a "thank you"
For buying her dinner.
Not a victory lap
To declare you the winner.

Still you hope and you worry.
You wait and you pace.
And her e-mail pops up,
And your heart starts to race.

Everything seems just fine
'til you get to the end,
Where she tells you she thinks
That you'll make a great... "friend"?!?

Like a kick to the face.
You weren't ready for this.
Though, you know that you knew
From the very first kiss.

It was clear from the start
She was out of your reach.
You're just one grain of sand;
She's the whole fucking beach.

It's your own goddamn fault
For still trying to believe
After all of the pain
From this heart on your sleeve.

But it's no big surprise.
It ends just how you thunk:
With your heart being ripped out.
(Okay, just a small chunk...)

Fuck this poetry shit, man...
I need to get drunk.


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