Saturday, September 8, 2007

Closure in Aisle 12...

Went grocery shopping yesterday and ran into an old girlfriend. She was the first girl I think I might have loved... and the first one that really broke my heart.
For a long time, I carried a lot of pain with me from that relationship. I always wondered what would happen if we ever ran into each other again. When I saw her, I was surprised by what I felt: Nothing.
Mind you, it wasn't the cold, numb 'nothing' of complete indifference. But at the same time there were no hidden emotions or attractions clawing their way to the surface either. It was just like running into an old friend. Nothing more.
After a few passes in the aisles, I think we had both figured out that we were indeed exactly who we thought we were... so we had to say something. We talked for a short time -- about jobs, about family, about friends -- and then we went our separate ways.
And as I finished my shopping, I was once again surprised by how I felt: Content.
We never really got any closure after things went bad... and now we did. And it sorta felt good. The ending of an old chapter finally written... and in a much more positive way than it had been the first time around.
10 years later.
In a grocery store.


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