Saturday, September 1, 2007

Everything After...

August is finally over... and I will now be able to sleep again... I hope...
This month was a crazy one, but also one of the most productive I've had in a long time. I really feel like my life and my job are both back in full swing.
In regards to work, I did some counting, and in the month of August I produced 96 pages of new material. I think that's a personal record! Thank goodness I get paid by the page!
I'm very happy with the projects I'm currently working on... especially the one I haven't been able to mention yet. I've got my first two issues done already, and am excited to get cracking on the third soon. My first issue should be hitting in January 2008, so keep your eyes peeled for info sometime soon.
I also got some really cool news about one of the projects I've been working on for a long time. Probably nothing all that exciting to anyone else, but it just made me feel special and appreciated. Again, I'll reveal more as soon as I'm able.
My non-work life has been good too... if not a little too busy.
Wednesday I went to a Tribe game with my buddy Andrew. Afterwards we hit a bar and ran into an old friend of mine. It was nice to see her again and reconnect. We're gonna try to hang out soon.
Thursday, had drinks/dinner with a new friend. It was cool. I've been trying to meet a lot of new people and see who's out there. That is so not "old Marc"... but that's not a bad thing.
Friday, went to the first happy hour (aka Book Club) of the year with my Aurora teacher friends. It was nice to see everyone again after a long summer. After that I caught the remake of HALLOWEEN with one of my friends from that group. The movie was not great, but the company was good.
Tonight, meeting another friend for a movie at the Cedar Lee and maybe coffee after.
Good God... when did I get a social life again?!?
So yeah. September is here... and I really look forward to what it brings. As long as it brings a few days off here and there...



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