Saturday, September 8, 2007

Bros before... D'OH!

Last night was interesting.
I got together with my good friend Andrew at a bar in Lakewood. Great little place called Two Bucks. Wanna guess their gimmick? Yep, you're right: They have two live male deer that tend bar. Or all drinks are two dollars. One or the other... I can't remember...
Anyway, things were going well and whiskey was a-pourin'. Andrew had to leave around 10:45 to pick up his girlfriend from work, but we were planning to hang out at least until then.
Didn't happen that way.
Around 9:45 I got a phone call from my new friend Jess. It's the first time we really had a chance to talk one-on-one, so I took the call. I went outside the bar and sat on the stoop in the rain talking to her for quite a long time, completely forgetting about the poor guy I had left inside to fend for himself at the bar.
Through a combination of good whiskey and even better conversation, I totally lost track of time until Andrew came out and told me that he had to leave. I had been on the phone for about an hour! I felt like such a jerk for abandoning my boy... but then again, I wasn't about to cut the conversation short. It was going very well!
As soon as Andrew left the scene, karma took its bitter revenge. My phone died mid-sentence! I rushed to my car and found my charging kit, plugged in the phone and powered it up. As soon as it came back on, it rang with a new call from Jess.
I decided to head home as we talked (I was completely sober by then). I was already in the car and my buddy had left... so why stick around? The conversation went on for the entire length of the drive and another 40 minutes or so after I got home.
A total of 2.5 hours of talking... and I still felt like I had more to say when we decided to wrap it up for the evening. I guess that's a good sign.
After that, I crashed, exhausted from the week...
So what's the purpose of this post?
Partially to apologize to Andrew for being a lousy wingman.
Partially to let Jess know that I really dug talking to her.
And partially to document yet another series of moments in my life.
More later...


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