Sunday, September 9, 2007

Good night... umm... morning?

Got a message from Jess around 1 AM last night, and since I was still awake, we ended up talking again... for almost 2 hours. I think we both expected it to be a quick call to say 'hi' and wish each other a good evening... but we wrapped up around 3 AM.
So, yeah... just a little sleepy right now...
Still, it was another good conversation that ranged from politics to vampires to racism to otters. You know, typical small talk. ;)
If anything, I've learned one important lesson: I talk way too much. I never used to be like that, especially with new people, but I was amazed by how much I never shut up. The poor girl could barely get a word in!
Oh, and I also learned the true reason for lower back tattoos. (Don't ask...)
More later...


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