Monday, October 8, 2007

Looking ahead...

This is the first Monday morning in a while that I haven't had every moment of my week already mapped out for me.
In the past two weeks, I've written two full scripts, finished a few random small projects on my plate and started plotting out an upcoming top-secret gig.
Looking back, the past few months have been just as busy. I've been writing non-stop with barely no time at all to breathe between scripts... and I like it that way! I'm honestly quite amazed by the volume and consistency of my output. It's felt great to finally hit my stride again!
Back to now. I'm actually ahead of schedule with all of my writing... and so my week is starting without any set schedule or looming deadline. Weird.
I expect that to change very soon. Once I get notes back on any of the aforementioned scripts or plots, I'll have to jump on corrections lightning quick. And if my plots get approved for the new assignment, I'll have to start writing my first script immediately. Plus, I can start planning the next issues of a few of my current projects if I don't have anything else to do.
So yeah... it won't last long. But it is nice to wake up on a Monday and not immediately wish it was Friday already!
Enjoy it while it lasts, kid...



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