Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Got my script done this morning, as I originally hoped (hooray!)... but it doesn't look like a day off is anywhere in my future!
I've got another new project in the works (yes, a second one I can't talk about yet), and I found out this morning that I've got to get some preliminary issue breakdowns turned in to my editors by Friday.
To be honest though, I'm cool with it. I'd rather have a lot of work on my plate than none. And I seem to be in a very good creative headspace these days. I've been thrilled with my output of late (at least in terms of quantity... I'll let others judge the quality). Just gotta keep rolling at this pace and all will be well!
I am going to take a little break from writing this afternoon, though. I've got a 2:00 conference call with a magazine that is doing an article about me. Then I have to take a trip to the comic shop to pick up my new books... and some research material for this new project.
Then it's back to writing until the weekend finally arrives!
At least my sinuses are starting to clear up...



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